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A Collaboration between @sneakerdelph and Grizzly Glass

A Collaboration between @sneakerdelph and Grizzly Glass



The term "art" can be vague but simultaneously inclusive of anything and everything. While you cannot define art in one way, I like the idea that it's an expression or the application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power (thanks to a quick google search for the assist). I like to think of art in this way because it also gives the creator the freedom to create messages for their audience, which can be interpreted differently per person. This is probably a good reason why the secondary market is so desirable, as it's second nature for collectors to find meaning in pieces that different collectors have previously owned.

Some may think it's crazy to call "bongs" art, but perhaps those people fail to recognize the years of craftsmanship and skill needed to create glass art with different colors and shapes to create a flawless function for a "glass sculpture," if you will. In our community, the purest form of art is custom 1-of-1 pieces where nothing of its kind has been seen before. And for a collector to join in on the creation with the artist can be an extremely meaningful and exciting experience, as a collector can portray their vision for the piece with an artist that has the skill to bring it to fruition.

We had the opportunity to interview @sneakerdelph on Instagram about his experience creating custom accessories to go along with his beloved Illadelph Glass Rick & Morty UV Worked Beaker, which at first, he never thought he would add custom accessories to the beaker.

Sneaker Delph originally sent his beaker to Grizzly Glass (@grizzllyglassco) in, which Raul, one of the glass blowers, flame polished the stains out of the beaker base. While the cleaning made the beaker spotless, he discussed some ideas with the team at Grizzly (3 team members) and other artists about making custom accessories for it, and he realized he had the chance to make the beaker even more special with the one company/artist who was up for the task to do it, Grizzly.


The custom accessories and design Sneaker Delph wanted to create are very hard to do, and only a handful of glassblowers have the skill to create it successfully. Sneaker Delph wanted a bent-in-line ash catcher, a down stem, and a slide to go with the beaker. The bent-in-line ash catcher clearly posed the biggest challenge to the project.

Ben Goldman was the first artist to create this specific ash catcher design while working with Illadelph at the time. For Grizzly and Raul, this would be the first time they would make a bent-in-line ash catcher, and it was by no means a walk in the park. In fact, when making the piece, the first version shattered at the very end of the process, which was later confirmed during a conversation with Grizzly! Unphased and determined to help bring Sneaker Delph's vision to light, they got back on the torch and successfully created the ash catcher the second time around.

After 5 months of drawing up the designs with Grizzly, Sneaker Delph's vision finally concluded in December 2021. The set included a Blue and Purple Worked with Crushed Opal UV Citron Bent-in-line Rick & Morty Blasted Ash Catcher with Cane Worked bridges, Blue and Purple Worked Crushed Opal UV Citron Rick & Morty Blasted Stem, and Blue and Purple Worked UV Citron Slide with Strobel Rick & Morty Millies. The ash catcher and stem were both sent to Cake Eater Glass for sandblasting the Rick and Morty designs after Grizzly finished the pieces.

When we asked Sneaker Delph if there was anything he would've done differently for the project, he was quick to put that down as he made it clear it's the most complete set he has, and it holds a sentimental value for him. His experience working with Grizzly was so amazing that he even has 2 custom Laker-themed worked beaker projects in the works!

Grizzly Glass started in South Jersey with 3 of the most experienced glass blowers in the country with a unique mission to produce high quality, hand-made glass with colored joints and lips or coldworking on each piece to make every Grizzly piece truly special.

If you have an idea for a custom piece and want to bring that vision to light just like Sneaker Delph did, Grizzly Glass may be the person you want to contact.

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